Los Angeles Top 5 Holiday Security Tips

Holiday Security for Los Angeles

Are you considering taking a vacation over the holiday season? Before taking off for the holidays, consider how secure your house or apartment will be while you are away. Here are 5 simple tips to help you secure your home.

1. Ask trustworthy neighbors that will be staying for the holidays to keep an eye on your place. This includes having them remove solicitations, newspapers, and packages that might hint that you are not home.

2. Lock ALL deadbolts, sliding glass doors, garage doors, and windows. Most residential knob locks offer minimal security against credit card, kicking, etc. Most windows and side doors will be tried by a burglar surveying your house.

3. If you will be gone longer than the equivalent of three days, a cheap timer or two for different lights in your home or apartment that are set for post-dusk hours will keep burglars wary.

4. Always allow good lighting around the entire perimeter of your house. Tall fences and yard plants will allow burglars plenty of time and privacy. Any dark places near entrances will allow burglars free time to enter the premises.

5. Important documents, credit cards, identification, and spare car keys should be kept in a secure location such as a home safe, to minimalize the impact of a burglary if one does occur. Most of these should be taken with you, but anything with a social security number or valuable personal information can be used to steal your identity.

If you follow these five simple tips, your house will be well protected and much less likely to be burglarized while you are away. Enjoy the holidays!

-21st Century Lock & Key